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If you are ever accused of a criminal offence in Thailand, the best thing you can do is immediately get in touch with a criminal defence lawyer. The justice system in Thailand is quite complex and may be difficult to understand, especially for foreigners. 

While you may think the case that you are facing is not too hard to deal with on your own, a simple mistake can lead to legal consequences that could change your life. This is why it will always be in your best interest to hire a well experienced criminal defence lawyer whenever dealing with a criminal case.

How Does the Criminal Justice System Work in Thailand 

While the Thailand Justice System is similar to several countries' systems worldwide, a few essential factors differentiate this system. In Thailand, there is a criminal code and other laws to which citizens must adhere. However, if anyone does not obey these laws and infringes on this code, they will face a criminal trial. 

According to the Thai Justice System, for a trial to result in jail time, there has to be concrete proof to convict someone in a trial. The citizen who has been accused also has other fundamental rights, including the right to defend themselves and present evidence. You also have the right to hire a criminal defence attorney who can defend and advocate for them during a police investigation and trial. This is why it will be in your best interest to hire an experienced Thai criminal defence lawyer if you face a criminal charge in Thailand. 

What does a Criminal Defence Lawyer do?

 A criminal defence lawyer defends clients that have been accused of a crime. This includes a wide variety of criminal offences. The criminal defence lawyer's job is to make sure that their client is given a fair trial in court and defend to the best of their ability. Criminal defence lawyers have many duties, including: 

  • Defending the client during a police investigation 
  • Analyzing documents about the case, including witness reports, evidence reports, police reports, and more. 
  • Researching to plan how to defend the client in court best
  • Drafting legal documents and completing necessary legal paperwork 
  • Representing and defending their client to the court in pleadings
  • Compiling a defense for the client, which the criminal defense lawyer will present to the court

However, these are just some of the primary duties of a criminal defense lawyer and depending on the case and the criminal offence you are facing, these may change. 

4 Benefits of hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you have a good understanding of the Thai Justice system when properly defending yourself in court, hiring well-experienced professionals will always be best. Here is a list of just a few benefits that you will experience from choosing to hire a criminal defense lawyer:

1. Criminal Lawyers Understand the Thai Justice System 

A Thai criminal defense lawyer will have first-hand experience dealing with the Thai Justice System. These professionals have spent years studying and then practicing criminal law and defending many clients who may have faced different types of criminal offences. This means that these lawyers will know how the Thai Justice System works inside and out. This means that they will have a better chance of winning your criminal case because of their years of experience. 

2. Handle Court Proceedings and Litigation

Usually, all criminal cases are brought in front of the court in Thailand, and when this happens, the accused will have to plead innocent or guilty. The benefit of being represented by a criminal defense attorney in this situation is that they will give you their expert opinion on how to plead. If your lawyer advises you to plead guilty, they will negotiate a better deal that could reduce your years in prison, making a big difference in the long run.

3. They will Complete the Cases Paperwork. 

When it comes to official court paperwork, mistakes can’t be made. This is why you need to be someone who pays attention to details. A criminal defense lawyer would have had years of experience completing these forms that an ordinary citizen may find highly daunting. So instead of trying to complete the paperwork by yourself and risk making mistakes that could negatively affect your case, leave it to a lawyer to complete.

4. A Lawyer will Help you Understand All of Your Options.

If you choose to handle a case by yourself, you may only see one solution and one plan of action that you can take. This might be because you may have biased opinions when defending yourself, and your emotions can cloud your judgment, which will impact your case. 

However, if you hire a criminal defense lawyer, they will look at the case from an unbiased view and give their expert opinion. The lawyer will also help you understand the multiple different ways that you can choose to take with your case, resulting in much better results.  



In conclusion, if you ever find yourself being accused in a criminal case or this is your current reality, and you feel like there is no way out. The best thing you can do to help protect your future is to hire a criminal defense lawyer.

The Thai Justice System is complex and challenging for a regular citizen. Luckily, when your hire a criminal defense lawyer, they have years of experience handling cases in this justice system and know exactly how things work, which can help you in the long run. So don’t risk your future by making the mistake of not hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Simply find the best lawyer for you, and this could be the best decision you make in your life. 

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