Thai Marriage Visa

If you are married to a Thai and have registered your marriage in Thailand then you can now live in Thailand with your Thai wife or husband if you meet the financial requirements for the marriage visa or Thai "O" visa. These are the basics for the visa and how best to obtain the visa if you already live in Thailand.

Once you are married to a Thai citizen you can live in Thailand by going to a Thai embassy and applying for a Thai marriage visa. This is a 3 month or 90 day visa which you can apply for at any Thai embassy. The following are the basics for the visa application at the embassy.

  • - Copy application form;
  • - Copy marriage certificate;
  • - Copy of Thai marriage certificate (both versions)
  • - Copy of Thai wife/husbands ID card;
  • - Copy of your passport;
  • - Copy of any birth certificates of children you have;
  • - Copy of the Tabian Baan of your Thai spouse;

That is all that is needed at the Thai embassy when you apply for the visa. Once they grant this visa you now have 90 days to extend this visa in Thailand at Thai Immigration. You need the following additional documents for the 1 Thai year visa extension. Note you do not need to leave Thailand again once extended.

  • - Copy of a map to your house;
  • - Copy of bank book showing 400,000THB or 40,000THB income;
  • - Copy of photos of you and your wife together

This process becomes very difficult as most people tend to show a combination of the two being both and income and a deposit in a Thai bank account. The process normally takes about 5 weeks to complete and once this is done as stated above you don't need to leave Thailand again. You do however need to report to Thai Immigration every 90 days with your home address even if you have not moved. Note that you now have 3 months to bring your household goods from home into Thailand duty free.

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